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Below are a list of links to various resources on your collectibles. They are both informational and interesting to browse through. -
Our affiliate. In business since 1938. All your flat glass needs; tabletops, shower doors (framed and frameless, broken window replacement, mirrors, vanity mirrors, bi-fold and sliding wardrobe doors, cast glass, glass awnings and railings. All glass and mirror for home and office. - Great supplier of replacement lamp parts, hardware, shades, and reproduction fixtures. -
A secondary online market for retired Lladro Porcelain. (you will also find us under        restoration artists. Also, a good place to see how much your retired Lladro is selling for in the current market) - Great place to find replacements in china, crystal, and silver. - A great website for the collector of any antique. Can register for free and receive weekly email newsletters, as well as access to tons of information. - Official website for Lladro Porcelain. (you will find us under recommended restorers) - Official website for Steuben Crystal. - Official website for Boehm Porcelain.

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